Sitemap - 2023 - Hoang Sol

Unleashing the Power of Data: David's Journey as a Data Analyst

How to Prioritize Features and Functionality with a Product Roadmap

The Agile Navigator: Paul's Journey to Transforming the Smart Planner App

Scaling Up, Not Burning Out: Sarah's Strategies for Managing Capacity in a Team with Growing Tickets

How ScrumBan Helps You Stay Agile Throughout Long-Term & Large-Scale Projects

Game-Changing Knowledge Hub: Empowering Developers

Requirements Traceability Matrix versus Behavior-Driven Test Development Approach

Closing the Communication Gap: How a Gemba Walk Improved Collaboration Between Development Teams and Executives

The Scrum Master's Journey to Streamline Salesforce BAU Project

The Benefits of Using Scrum to Combat Micromanagement

Agile Documentation and Business Analysis: Strategies for Success

Maximizing Efficiency: How Capacity-Based Planning Can Benefit Your Scrum Team

The role of Scrum Master in digital productivity

BA Series - From Document Analysis to Requirements Gathering

Navigating Waste: The Power of Value Stream Mapping in Agile Development

Inception Deck - Why Your In-House Dev Team Needs One

The Role of Software Testing in Mitigating the Risks of Operational Use

Design Sprint vs Agile: Comparing Two Popular Product Development Frameworks

7 Essential Business Analysis Skills Every Professional Should Have

Assessing Agile Maturity: Why It Matters and How to Do It Right

BDM Series - The Fearless Tech Salesman

Business Analysis in Product Development

Using Mental Model & Thought Process to Boost Performance of Your Task

The product spec, your product blueprint which may define your product quality and customer satisfaction

Receiving Feedback on Your MVP Is Essential

Design Thinking - Your CX Enhancement Tool

Generative AI - Would it be used for good?

BDM Series - How to Keep Your Cool with Unprepared Clients

Mental Models

The Journey of a Scrum Master: Unveiling the Secrets of Agile Success

Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Expectations Vs. Reality

Business Analysis - IIBA Professional Guidance

Why Productivity is a Mindset

The Case for Pen and Paper: Why Analog Planning Works Best for Some

Embracing the Minimalist Lifestyle & Art

The Roadmap to Success: Management by Objectives

Thinking beyond with second-order thinking for your Salesforce career

First Principle applied to Life's Challenges

Requirements Engineering: The Key to Building Software

The Smart Planner app

Unlocking the Power of Reflection

BA Series - Inversion: What Could Go Wrong

BDM Series - Driving Growth Beyond Sales

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